Oklahoma City Guardianship Attorney

Oklahoma City Guardianship Attorney
A guardian is a person appointed by a court to care for the person and/or property of another. The guardian of a person is required to tend to the support, health and education of the ward (the person over which one has guardianship). A guardian over a ward’s property must keep safely the property of the ward, and must act diligently and in good faith regarding the conservation and growth of the ward’s property.

There are numerous situations in which a person may seek a guardian over another’s person and/or property. These situations include:

  • Adults with mental or physical disabilities that are unable to care for themselves and/or their property;
  • Children whose parents are unable to care for them; and
  • A tragic accident leaves a person paralyzed or otherwise incapacitated, and no longer able to care for their person or affairs.

A guardian can also be removed from his or her position if cause is shown to the court that:

  • The guardian abused his or her fiduciary responsibility to the ward;
  • The guardian can no longer perform the duties due to incapacity;
  • The guardian is shown to handled his or her duties with gross immorality;
  • The guardian is shown to have interests adverse to the faithful performance of his or her duties;
  • The instrument in which the person was nominated as guardian is judicially determined to be invalid;
  • The guardian of a Ward’s property is shown to be insolvent; or
  • It is no longer proper for the ward to be under guardianship.

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