Felony Lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City Felony Attorney

Collin W. Rockett is a felony lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK. Collin defends persons charged with any State felony, including drug crimes, homicide crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, and white collar crimes. Collin also defends against felony probation violations. A felony charge is a serious matter that requires a criminal defense attorney with knowledge and experience to obtain a favorable outcome. Collin has experience in handling all types of felony charges, and will advise you of the particular consequences, defenses, and options associated with your specific felony charge.

Punishments for Felony Crimes:

State felonies are crimes punishable by a year or more in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. Some felonies are accompanied by a hefty fine along with prison time. Unlike most misdemeanor crimes, a conviction for a felony has consequences outside the punishment imposed by the court. These consequences include losing the right to vote, losing the right to own a firearm, and making the person unemployable in most fields of work.

If a person is not a U.S. citizen, a felony conviction can lead to deportation from the U.S. In order to avoid this consequence, you need a felony lawyer that knows the impact your felony charge may have on your immigration status.

The potential punishments and consequences arising from a felony conviction are the reason it is extremely important to contact a felony lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK, as soon as possible after being charged. The earlier you retain an experienced criminal defense attorney, the greater your chances become of obtaining the outcome you desire in your case.

Personalized Representation in Felony Cases:

Collin W. Rockett provides personalized representation for each client as a felony lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK. At Rockett Law Office, clients benefit from the individual attention Collin and his staff dedicate to each client’s case. Collin will investigate the allegations made against you, and advise you on the best course of action for your case. If you are charged with a felony crime, call the Rockett Law Office at (405) 529-6005, and let Collin fight to protect you from the harsh consequences of a felony conviction.