Homicide Crimes Defense

Homicide Crimes Defense

Oklahoma City Homicide Crime Attorney

oklahoma city homicide crimes attorney

Unfortunately, many criminal defense firms will not take homicide cases because of the immense amount of work involved, or because of the graphic nature of the crimes. But at Rockett Law Office, we believe people charged with homicide crimes need our help the most. Our Oklahoma homicide crimes attorney has the knowledge, skills, and network of resources necessary to provide the best possible defense to anyone facing homicide charges.

Time is of the Essence:

It is crucial that anyone charged with, or who believes they may be charged with, a homicide crime consult with an experienced homicide crimes attorney immediately. The earlier a person seeks the advice and representation of an attorney, the greater the chance of a favorable outcome in his/her case. Remember, you should NEVER give a statement to law enforcement without first consulting with an attorney. This is especially true if you are suspected in a homicide crime.

Building a Defense in Homicide Cases:

Many homicide cases require interviewing numerous potential witnesses to the alleged crime, as well as interviewing those who may have information vital to explaining the events that occurred. This requires an investigator with the ability to locate people, the experience to know what questions to ask, and the social skills to get witnesses to open up about the incident in question. It is often necessary to consult with certain experts, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, forensic pathologists, ballistics examiners, etc., in order to defend the allegations made by the prosecution.

To build the best possible defense for someone charged with a homicide crime, it is imperative to have an attorney who knows what other professionals are needed to assist in the case, to work together with these professionals as a team, and to construct a defense from the information gathered. At Rockett Law Office, our Oklahoma homicide crimes attorney has the knowledge and experience to put together a team of professionals best suited to build a defense in your homicide case.

Homicide cases regularly go to jury trial. For this reason, it is essential to hire an attorney that will advocate vigorously for your rights from beginning to end. Rockett Law Office will devote the time and effort necessary to guide you and your loved ones through the legal process, build the best possible defense in your case, and present your defense to a jury if necessary. Our Oklahoma homicide crimes attorney is devoted to protecting the rights of those charged with any homicide crime. If you, a family member, or someone you know is facing charges for a homicide crime, contact Rockett Law Office at (405) 529-6005.