Fraud & Theft Crimes Defense

Fraud & Theft Crimes Defense

Fraud & Theft Crimes

Oklahoma City Fraud Attorney

Charges and/or convictions for crimes involving fraud or theft often haunt people for years on their record, making it difficult to find employment and even housing at times. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony, being charged with a crime involving fraud or theft is not something to take lightly. To possibly prevent such a charge negatively impacting your potential for future employment and other aspects of your life, you should consult with an experienced fraud and theft crimes attorney as soon as possible.

Fraud and Theft Crimes in Oklahoma include:

  • Concealing/Receiving Stolen Property
  • Burglary in the First Degree
  • Burglary in the Second Degree
  • Embezzlement
  • False Declaration of Ownership to a Pawnbroker
  • Forgery in the First Degree
  • Forgery in the Second Degree
  • Grand Larceny
  • Obtaining Property by False Pretenses
  • Petit (Petty) Larceny

Fraud and Theft Crimes under Federal Law include:

  • Bank Fraud
  • Bribery
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Immigration Fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Marriage Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act Crimes (RICO)
  • Tax Fraud
  • Theft of Government Property
  • Wire Fraud

Many federal fraud cases involve huge volumes of discovery. Often, the key to successfully fighting a federal fraud case is buried deep within hundreds, or even thousands, of pages of financial documents and other discovery provided by the government. If you are charged with a federal fraud or theft crime, it is extremely important that you find an attorney willing to take the time to carefully review all documents and evidence in your case.

At Rockett Law Office, we thoroughly investigate and review all the evidence in our client’s cases. Our Oklahoma fraud and theft crimes attorney will fight hard for you, and challenge the evidence levied against you by the prosecution. Rockett Law Office also believes in second chances, and that a person’s mistakes should not “follow them” for the rest of their lives. We strive to make sure that a momentary lapse in judgement does not negatively impact the rest of a client's life. If you, a family member, or someone you know has been charged in state or federal district court with a fraud or theft crime, call (405) 529-6005 to set up a free consultation with our experienced Oklahoma fraud and theft crimes attorney.